2015 Global Reverse Phase Protein Array Workshop








Spots to Solutions: Using RPPA as a tool to answer biological and clinical questions






The 5th annual RPPA Global Workshop will be hosted at George Mason University, Manassas, Virginia on October 12-13, 2015.

The RPPA technology is a powerful multiplexed immunoassay that can quantitatively measure hundreds of proteins and post-translationally modified proteins (e.g. phosphorylated or cleaved) from a limited number of cells or a fraction of a biopsy.  This simple, rapid diagnostic platform and the data derived from it is now being used by a growing number of basic research scientists, biomedical and pharmaceutical companies and CLIA laboratories to  evaluated clinical tissue samples, cells, serum, and other biological fluids for basic discovery, translational research and even therapy-guiding assays.

The methodology and applications for the technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, pioneers of the technology, experienced users and researchers interested in incorporating the RPPA technology into their portfolio will gather at the RPPA Global Workshop to discuss the technology’s applications for making advancements in personalized medicine; identifying therapeutic targets; discovering and validating biomarkers; and answering other biological questions. We will continue to build on the knowledge exchanged at the previous meetings in Houston (USA) 2011, Edinburgh (UK) 2012, Kobe (Japan) 2013, and Paris (France) 2014. Free exchange of knowledge will be shared in workshops, presentations, and technology showcases.

The Global RPPA workshop is not only valuable for researchers who use the RPPA technology but also for researchers who would like learn about the principles and applications for RPPAs and gain hands-on training.

Hands-on Workshops (From Sample Preparation to Data Visualization):
• Laser Capture Microdissection
• Printing and Staining Reverse Phase Protein Arrays
• Reverse Phase Protein Array Analysis
• Grace Bio-Labs Array Cam Image Capture and Data Analysis

Snapshot of RPPA Related Speaker Topics:
• Visions for the next generation protein array technology
• Methods for analyzing and characterizing the biological function of glycosylated proteins
• Human Protein Atlas
• Personalized breast cancer therapy
• Cancer stem cell therapies and immunotherapies
• Human placenta research and autism
• Equine stem cell therapy and tissue regeneration
• Infectious diseases and host defense mechanisms
• Funding opportunities to support studies utilizing RPPA
• FDA policy encompassing development of laboratory tests and the desire to combine diagnostic markers with therapeutics

Stay tuned for additional details.